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You don’t have to get facial surgery to look younger and more refreshed.

Non-Surgical Facelift in Bermuda Run, North CarolinaGrowing older is a beautiful thing and evidence of a life well-lived. However, we understand that some facial imperfections you have acquired over time may make you feel like your appearance doesn’t match the beautiful, lively person you are on the inside—especially if you feel that you look older than your actual age. There are a lot of options available to you, including non-surgical options. If you are interested in a non-surgical facelift, we can provide it for you at MDspa 180 in Bermuda Run, North Carolina.

Our med spa is owned by a medical doctor who specializes in cosmetic medicine, so you can trust that you are in good hands when you come to us for a non-surgical facelift. We use a combination of threads, filler, and neuromodulators like Botox, to lift the skin, correct wrinkles, replace fat loss, and stimulate new collagen formation. The thread material is made of PDO, a biocompatible suture material that has been used in surgery for over 30 years. These threads lift sagging facial features, particularly around the lower face, neck, jawline, and lateral eyes. After the treatment, the threads dissolve while the body forms natural collagen and elastin that will hold the lift for up to two years or longer.

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While the results of a non-surgical facelift are less pronounced that those of surgery, our procedure makes a major difference while being more affordable and less invasive. The results are immediately visible after the procedure, although the full results take around two months to develop.

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At MDspa 180, we offer non-surgical facelifts for clients from Bermuda Run, Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Advance, Mocksville, Yadkinville, Statesville, Lexington, and Salisbury, North Carolina.


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